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Every business needs content... your business is no exception! We exist to make it simple and hassle-free to produce stunning imagery and video that communicates exactly what you want to your audience.

Wether it's photos of your latest products or an explainer video for your website to help reduce the time spent repeating the same information to inquiring customers. We are a full service photo and video production company with years of experience delivering professional digital media in a painless way.

The secret to our success is subscriptions. We prefer working with the same clients on a monthly basis for many reasons.

-First, as we become familiar with our clients preferences and desired style, the production time is drastically reduced. This enables us to minimize revisions and streamline exactly what you want in less time.
-Second, we develop a real understanding of your objectives and audience which enables us to tailor each piece of content more effectively for the desired outcome.
-Lastly, we believe in becoming ambassadors of your mission and sharing in the role of spreading your message. This simply cannot happen without the time to adopt the same passion as you and your team.

Lights Camera Local does more than point cameras at a subject and collect a paycheck. We specialize in discovering what the message is and how to effectively capture and communicate it to your audience.

How do subscriptions work?

Step 1

Discuss Your Needs
  • What type of content?
  • How frequently you want content?
  • Where the content will be used?

Step 2

Develop & Exceute A Plan
  • Create a monthly subscription plan.
  • Plan weekly or monthly visits.
  • Capture Content

Step 3

Edit & Deliver Content
  • Edit & submit content for review.
  • Make any revisions & get approval.
  • Deliver finished content!

We have A La Carte Options Too!

During the pandemic, we had the pleasure of linking arms with many local businesses. The digital content solutions we provided were highly effective at reaching and converting the community into loyal customers. We now specialize in producing monthly content plans to eliminate the hassle of coming up with fresh content to promote your business. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, we can produce a variety of photos and videos each month for one set price. Discover the power of using premium content to reach new customers and stay in ahead of the competition.


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