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Leaving the military 2008
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Frederick Photo & Video is a veteran owned business serving the greater Frederick area. After leaving the military life in 2008, we made our way through many difficult years of building a window tint business from the ground up, during a recession, in a location with zero street visibility. Our customer acquisition was almost entirely dependent on social media exposure. Out of necessity, we learned how to deliver a message through photos and video that could influence a target audience to feel a certain way and respond with a certain action. That lead to years of success and proudly serving Frederick with a variety of window tint solutions. However in 2020, a new challenge arose with the pandemic and it was time to link arms with other local businesses to survive the shutdowns. We did this through Shop Local, a Facebook group we created specifically designed to rally the community and support one another. As of December 2021, Shop Local has over 23 thousand active members that are constantly showing their support. It’s been said by many that the support from this Facebook group was and still is widely responsible for several businesses being able to keep their doors open. We’ve taking all that we’ve learned from these experiences and combined them with our passion for filmmaking and photography to start another business. Frederick Photo & Video can confidently say we know what it takes to captivate an audience with digital media. We have learned how critical the first 3 to 5 seconds of a video are. If the viewer doesn’t sense some kind of value within those first few seconds, they’re gone. When you break it down, the goal of any video is to deliver a message or get a desired response from the viewer, whether thats a feeling or a call to action.  Our specialty is crafting digital media solutions for local businesses that captures the attention of a target audience and delivers a message designed to get results. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.

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